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Freelance WordPress SEO Consultant Tamara Olson, available for hire

I’m a freelance UX designer, WordPress developer, and digital strategist based in New York City. I used to manage a design team at Google working in Ads, where I developed a strong understanding of how paid advertising works, as well as search engine optimization.

When I started a design and development studio, Studio Simpatico, I explored all possible inbound marketing strategies for the company, including but not limited to optimizing our site for search. I immersed myself in’s “SEO Fundamentals” course, and scoured the internet to learn everything else I could about search engine optimization. Within a few months, Simpatico was the top result for “WordPress agency NYC.”

I’ve seen tangible results from my techniques and tactics (both for myself and for clients). My UX thinking and training comes in handy in terms of identifying high intent keywords, and my nerdy analytics side loves pouring through Google Search Console for ideas and leads.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I would love to help you identify your customers’ high intent keywords, apply the tips and tricks I’ve learned to your WordPress build, and collaborate with you on a robust backlink strategy.

And after all, if you found this page via search, that bodes well for my skill set.